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The physlets (physics applets) on this site were written by several authors who have have given me the liberty to post them on this site for easy access for my physics students and others who may visit this site. You will find physlets produced by Wolfgang Christian  , Fu-Kwun Hwang (of National Taiwan Normal University), Walter Fendt  and others on this site. If you find these physlets useful in your teaching, please send a note of   thanks/praise about the applications you find useful to the original authors.


Force and Motion
Work and Energy
Circular and Rotational Motion
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Other Resources Multimedia, audio-visual and other resources:
  • Laserdisks : a list of videodiscs produced under the Annenburg/CP project are available: click on link to see titles.
  • Videos available: The titles of the videodiscs above are also available as VHS videos. Click on the link to see other videos available
  • Films : a list of the film loops